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Hi, Busy and need assistance to take control over your money? Yomaney is a super easy-to-use personal expense tracker app. With a few easy steps you can get your stress free life back. So, let’s get started…

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Expenses and Incomes

Logging your expenses and incomes in was never so easy. Log in to Yomaney, choose your expense category, enter amount, choose your payment method and in a matter of seconds you’re done. We will do all the rest for you.

We are aware that if you don’t update your expenses in real time you most definitely forget to do it later. This is why we developed Yomaney personal expense tracker App for you.

On the other hand, you can sit comfortably at home with your widescreen and use the Yomaney web application to make any changes, update forgotten expenses or incomes and analyze the data.

You can even download everything to an Excel file and create your own statistics.

Split Expenses

Living with roommates? A part of a team with joined expenses? Building a small business with a partner?

Want to avoid the hassle or inconvenience of sharing mutual expenses? All you need to do is to use yomaney expense tracker iphone app that allows it’s members to track the shared expenses.


So, you’ve started collecting your data and you look at the numbers.

By using our Categories definitions we are able to show you in an instant where your money goes.Now it’s time to act!

Set budgets for your categories and we’ll Alert!!! you if you’re over spending.


School tuition, electricity, phone bills, gym membership… how easy is it to forget to pay them on time.

The Alerts feature is releasing you from the responsibility of remembering to pay the bills on time, meeting your credit card or bank account allowance and achieving your budget goals.

All you need to do is enter any repeating payment, setup credit card and bank account allowance, decide on a budget for any category you’d like. Then, setup an alert and never again pay an overdue fee or bank interest.

Set up an Alert to remind you it’s payday today.

Yomaney expense tracker iphone app will send you a notification through an email or your SmartPhone.

Reports and Analysis

Collecting the data is just the first step to fully understand your financial situation.

Use our friendly reports and graphs to visualize your current financial state, understand where your money goes and look at your future expenses and incomes. Learn how to manage your money wisely.

Security and Privacy

Yomaney finance is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information about our users.

Your privacy is our priority. Access to your Registration Information, Account Credentials, Account Information and any other personal information you provide is strictly restricted and used in accordance with specific internal procedures and safeguard governing access, in order to operate, develop or improve the Service.

The data is encrypted and safe. The data is backed up on

Learn More about our Security and Privacy policy…

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